What’s in the box

Advantages and distinctive power
The Zeliox offers you a range of advantages in comparison with separate transformers, batteries or other power supplies. The features listed below make the Zeliox a unique product:
– Compact format
– LED information display
– Lightweight
– Peak power output 4500 watt
– Plug & Play
– Smartphone function
– Safe product

Advantages of the lithium battery in the Zeliox compared to a lead acid battery:
– Control over level of charge by means of monitor systems
– 50% reduction in weight
– High charging speed

Possible applications
The Zeliox can be used for a variety of applications. The most frequently used applications are for trucks. Other possible applications include:
– Remote properties
– Industrial systems
– Maritime applications
– Mobile entertainment systems
– “Off-grid” solar energy systems
– Recreational vehicles
– Service vehicles
Do you have a specific application that you would like to use the Zeliox for, and are you not sure if it is suitable?¬ Then contact us and we will be pleased to offer you our advice.

Functions & connections of the Zeliox:
The Zeliox is a versatile product with many interesting functions and connections. The following connections are available:
– 2x 230V output
– 1x 12V output
– 2x USB output
– 1x 12V vehicle (power) plug
– 1x 230V shore power connection

There are two basic versions of the Zeliox, a 2500 watt or a 3500 watt version. In addition you can choose from the following optional extras:
– Charging via shore power
– Remote monitoring

General characteristics:
The Zeliox has a number of general characteristics:
– Can be switched on or off via a button on the dashboard
– Protected against high/low battery power, high temperature, overload, short-circuit, high ripple voltage and low AC input voltage
– CE certified
– Easy to mount
– Accurate battery status indicator
– Remote readout of operating data via GPRS and position fixing via GPS
– Robust industrial design
– 24 month guarantee

Technical specifications
– “AC Input Power Boost”
– “AC Input Current Limit”
– Automatic stand-by function
– Continuous power output 3500 watt
– Charging via in-vehicle voltage and powerful fully automatic battery charger via shore power
– Lithium battery technology 24V/2200Wh
– Peak power output 4500 watt
– Power Factor corrected AC input
– Pure sinusoidal AC output
– Silent ventilators with variable speed
– Very fast 30A AC inverter
– 230V output protected with insulation guard and automatic Earth leakage circuit breaker.

More information and placing an order
If you would like to receive more information about the Zeliox or you wish to place an order, then please feel free to contact us via +31 (0)40 286 3930 or via info@zeliox.com