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A Zeliox is a mobile power supply. This can be built into a (commercial) vehicle and is charged by the on-board power supply of the vehicle. That way, electricity is available everywhere.
A comparison can be made with an aggregate. These are generally diesel-powered generators that convert fuel into electricity, while emitting CO₂ and particulate matter. The Zeliox is a more environmentally friendly alternative: clean, no emission of harmful substances and above all quiet.

This depends on the type of Zeliox and the consumer(s). The Zeliox is available in different output powers (from 1600 W to 3500 W) and different battery packs (from 1.2 kWh to 3.6 kWh). The connected equipment varies per user, this can range from a low-consumption laptop to a heavy welding machine. It is not possible to say in advance how long a Zeliox will last, although it helps to use the following analogy: when the tap of a water barrel is opened a little bit (e.g., a laptop) it takes a long time before the water runs out. When the tap is fully open (e.g., welding machine), the barrel drains quickly. The size of the barrel being the battery pack, and the tap being the power used.

Yes, half of the Zeliox consists of a battery. The other half is an inverter/charger. Together this will become a mobile power supply.

Yes, half of the Zeliox consists of an inverter. The other half is a battery. Together they make a mobile power supply.

A battery is an electrochemical cell that supplies energy and in which energy can be stored. This is done by means of a chemical reaction in the battery between the different components. Zeliox uses Lithium-ion technology.

No. Completely discharging will damage the battery and shorten the life of the Zeliox.

An inverter is an electronic device that can convert a certain input voltage (for example 12 V DC) to another voltage (for example 230 V AC).

Technically defined as the amount of energy generated or consumed per unit of time, in Watt. In the Zeliox practice, this is the amount of power (in Watts) that the Zeliox can deliver. The Compact can deliver 1600 Watts, the Zeliox 1800 can deliver 1800 Watts, the 2500 can deliver 2500 Watts and yes, the 3500/Plus can deliver 3500 Watts*.
* = for 10 minutes.

kWh is an abbreviation for kilowatt-hour and is a certain amount of electrical energy. 1 kWh is 1000 Watts for one hour. The Zeliox has three batteries from which to choose: for the Compact 1.2 kWh and for the Zeliox 1800-2500-3500 a 2.25 kWh and 3.6 kWh.

A Zeliox is both a battery and an inverter. When a Zeliox is installed in a vehicle, it is connected to a power supply. This can be the 12 Volt or 24 Volt already present in a vehicle, 230 Volt via shore power or via solar panels. The Zeliox is charged by these power supplies. The stored energy is then converted in the Zeliox into a usable voltage. Both 5 Volt, 12 Volt and 230 Volt are available. When the battery of the Zeliox is about to run out, the Zeliox will indicate this. Recharging can be done in the aforementioned manner; via the solar panels, connecting a shore power cable or driving the vehicle for a while, via the vehicle's dynamo.

Yes, a Zeliox is safe to use, provided it is used in the prescribed manner. There are several systems active in a Zeliox to enable safe use. Think of an insulation guard and an earth-leakage circuit breaker. A BMS (battery monitoring system) is also built in to keep the battery in optimal condition. Please note that the Zeliox is not designed for outdoor use, nor can it be used indefinitely without recharging.

There are several ways to purchase a Zeliox. We work with a selected partner network who are optimally informed of all the ins and outs about the Zeliox solutions. We would like to inform you about the best partner in your region. Please contact Zeliox for this.

The Zeliox solutions are designed and produced in the largest European technological region in the Netherlands. Zeliox was founded almost 10 years ago and has now developed numerous solutions for mobile power supply.

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