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Warranty and repairs

If a product has been damaged, please always contact us first via We will then inform you about the procedure for returning and/or repairing your product. Zeliox reserves the right to choose replacement or repair. Repair or replacement of the product does not extend or replace the original warranty period.

Defects caused by outside influences are not covered by the warranty. This includes falling, bumping, damage due to entrapment, water damage, incompetent or abnormal use and so on. Damage caused by our own repairs or repair attempts is not covered by the warranty. For repairs that are not covered by the warranty or are carried out after the warranty period, shipping costs will be charged.

A warranty of at least 1 year applies to manufacturing defects. Your product should not break due to normal use during the first 1 year. Should this happen, we will repair or replace your product free of charge.

It is possible to repair the product after the warranty period has expired but charges will apply. We will examine your product and make a quote. Based on that, you can choose whether you want it repaired or not.

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