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Exchanges and returns

You can only return a product to us after prior written permission. After approval, we will coordinate the return procedure with you. You must return a product in its original packaging complete, undamaged and unused. Include the accompanying documentation and a copy of the invoice. The shipping costs for returning are for your own account. You bear the risk of damage or loss during transport. Therefore, pack the product properly. Do you want to personally deliver the product to the visiting address of Zeliox? Then we kindly ask you to make an appointment first.

You can do this easily and quickly via the online return form.

Is your product not listed with the orders? It's possible that you're logged into the wrong Zeliox account. Log in with the email address that you originally purchased your product with.

As soon as we receive your returned product, we'll send you a new one. It'll be delivered within three working days. Is the new product out of stock? We'll notify you and you'll get your money back.

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