Zeliox ECO II / 2000 Watts / 1.3kWh


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New Standard Zeliox ECO II

Product information
The Zeliox ECO II brings you even more power. Does the Zeliox ECO I not give you the power you need? Then opt for the Zeliox Eco II. With this even more powerful mobile power supply, you get no less than 2000 Watts. This Zeliox ECO too contains a 1.3 kWh lithium battery pack and a powerful inverter to meet any demand. This mobile power supply can power small household appliances, powerful DIY tools and many more devices.

Need more battery power? Opt for an expansion pack to double the capacity of the ECO II to 2.6 kWh.

Supplied as standard
• Zeliox ECO II, 2000W, 1.3kWh
• Zeliox ECO power cable
• Installation material (excl. cabling)

Suitable accessories

Zeliox ECO Battery Pack I

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Additional information


2000 Watts


Lithium 12,8 V


1.3 kWh


100 Ah



230 V AC input

Zeliox ECO power cable

230 V AC output

1x Schuko power socket

112 V DC input

Anderson SA50A

12 V DC output

Anderson SA50A

Weight (kg)

33 kg

Dimensions (hxbxl mm)


IP Rating


Working temperature range

-20 -55⁰C

Maximum temperature



Forced air

Charging capacity (W)


Frequency (Hz)

50/60 HZ

Amp limit (A)

32 A

10 minutes (W)

2160 W

10 sec peak (W)

2320 W

Surge peak

4800 W

Continuous power (A)

30 A

Voltage (V)

11.6-14.2 V DC

Amplimit (A)

30 A

Continuous (W)

348-568 W

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