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Zeliox presents ECO during Flotte!

Zeliox unveils Zeliox ECO Power Supply for Commercial Vehicles at Flotte! Der Branchentreff Exhibition in Düsseldorf

At the upcoming Flotte! Der Branchentreff exhibition, taking place on March 20th and 21st, 2024 in Düsseldorf, Zeliox will shine with its latest innovation: the Zeliox ECO power supply, specially developed for commercial vehicles.

The Zeliox ECO is an advanced power supply system designed to meet the specific needs of commercial vehicles in terms of efficiency, reliability, and environmental friendliness. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, the Zeliox ECO promises not only to reduce operational costs but also to decrease the ecological impact.

Flotte! Der Branchentreff is renowned as a leading exhibition for professionals in the transport sector, where the latest developments and trends are showcased. Zeliox’s presence at this exhibition underscores their dedication to delivering innovative solutions that push the boundaries within the industry.

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to discover and experience the Zeliox ECO power supply for commercial vehicles as one of the firsts. This provides them with the chance to explore and consider the benefits of this groundbreaking technology for their own fleet vehicles.

For more information about the Zeliox ECO and other Zeliox products, we invite you to visit their booth at the Flotte! Der Branchentreff exhibition in Düsseldorf or to consult their website.