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All-in-one Lithium Power Supply

Zeliox Time Travel


inventor of the All-in-One Power supply unit


The first all-in-one power supply unit! “Powerbox 3000” is introduced to the market.


Practical experience and the ongoing development of battery technology led to a new generation with a new design.


Upgrade of the Zeliox-Line New functions such as real-time monitoting are introduced. Revised battery system and its components.


Zeliox expands New premises, Production is enlarged


Introduction of the Zeliox Compact.


Introduction of the Zeliox ECO series (ECO I, ECO II, ECO II+, ECO III)

Vulnerable world

We live in an increasingly vulnerable world, and there is a growing demand for green solutions in all sectors. Zeliox was founded with the aim of providing a mobile power inverter that ensures you have access to electricity on the go. Today, we are proud to collaborate with companies working on-site and committed to ongoing energy transition. Our goal is to replace polluting devices like generators with sustainable, intelligent, and battery-based mobile power solutions.


The Zeliox was created by a team of Dutch electronics experts and industrial designers, and is assembled with care by a dedicated team of technicians.

Circular economy

The Zeliox is designed in such a way that its individual parts can be easily assembled, like pieces of a puzzle. This feature allows the Zeliox to be dismantled at the end of its life cycle, a practice also known as ‘cradle-to-cradle.’ This sustainable design ensures that the parts can be reused, reducing waste and promoting environmental sustainability.

Controlling the entire life cycle of the Zeliox is of paramount importance to us. Our quality checks start from the moment we receive the incoming goods, and continue until the Zeliox is delivered to a satisfied customer. Moreover, we offer customers the option of monitoring the performance of the Zeliox remotely, using a monitoring kit. This enables optimal collaboration between man and machine, and ensures that our customers are always assured of electricity on location, without the use of fuel.

Zeliox enables companies to work in a greener, more sustainable, and safe way, with minimal CO₂ and particulate matter emissions. This approach aligns with the needs of today’s world and the future, making it an increasingly important requirement in tenders.

We are the partner for companies that want to participate in a sustainable world. Our battery pack is highly future-proof, and when it reaches the end of its life cycle, replacement is possible. To learn more about our products and services, please contact one of our dealers or visit our website at You can also visit our unique Experience Centre and meet our makers and employees at any time.


Help and support

Zeliox is available to assist you with any questions, help solve problems, and provide guidance if you require a repair.
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