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All-in-one Lithium Power Supply

Give your ECO even
more power.

Zeliox ZM-Battery

ZM Battery

The ECO is a system that can provide mobile power on location and can be built into a company van. To increase the capacity of the ECO, adding an extra battery can be a good option. Make sure that the capacity of the extra battery is equal to that of the ECO.

Up to 7 extra batteries can be connected to the ECO and all batteries are equipped with a Lithium Heat Pack to keep the batteries at temperature above 5 degrees Celsius. This allows you to work even better on location and deliver power for longer without having to recharge the battery.

ECO I 1.3 kWh
1.3 kWh (External battery)
= 2.6 kWh
ECO II 1.3 kWh
1.3 kWh (External battery)
= 2.6 kWh
ECO II+ 2.6 kWh
2.6 kWh (External battery)
= 5.2 kWh
ECO III 2.6 kWh
2.6 kWh (External battery)
= 5.2 kWh


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